Zweet Gummies and Sour Candies

Zweet is a company founded by lovers of candy for lovers of candy. Since their youth, Zweet's creators longed to replicate the irresistible sensation they felt in their tastebuds after chomping down on a sour belt. And now, they've not only conjured up their very own special recipe, but they've expanded from signature Zweet sour belts into a variety of other unique candies that stand out from the usual sugary treats you're used to seeing in stores. Zweet candy hopes to satisfy every sweet tooth craving, and their delectable treats are sure to indulge your fancy.

Our Zweet Flavors Available

Galil is proud to offer a wide range of flavors of Zweet Sour Belts, Zweet gummies, and even some other novelty items. While the exact flavor choice is yours, here are a few of the options you'll have when shopping with us.Β 

  • Assorted Berry – Whether you're a fan of blackberries, strawberries, or a mixed berry blend, we have both traditional and sour variations of these in ropes, sour belts, and even sour ropes filled with a delicious inner filling.
  • Cherry – Cherry is one of candy's most classic flavors, and you can rest assured we offer this top-notch flavor in nearly all of our products, because after all, who would snub cherry?
  • Lemon – We say lemon, but we offer lemon-lime and both pink and regular lemonade flavors in most of our sour Zweet candy options, as well as our gummy bites.
  • Melon – Our melon and watermelon flavorings are another smash hit in the sour category, with the tropical sweetness of the fruit mixing nicely with the tart twist.
  • Sour Apple – One of the most popular flavors for anything sour is apple because it recalls the bitter and sweet contrasts of a crisp, juicy green Granny Smith apple. This flavor is available in all of our sour products.
  • And Many More! – Galil is proud to offer more adventurous flavors in some of our products, such as grape, peach, and pineapple. We even have exciting combinations like Island Punch, Rainbow, and Unicorn Kiss! These special flavors are sure to make your palate pop!Β Β 

Unique Treats Zweet Offers

Zweet is happy to offer a diverse selection of chewy, sour, and sweet candy varieties to choose from. Whether you're into classic or adventurous flavors, the way you snack on Zweets is all part of the fun!

  • Sour Belts – The Zweet Sour Belts are our pride and joy, and this is our flagship creation. This chewy licorice candy is a fruity blend of sour and sweet, and comes in just about every flavor we have.
  • Filled Ropes – Our Zweet Filled Ropes are loaded with a delicious sweet substance inside that's a perfect complement to the sour licorice rope, but we also provide our standard fruit flavors.
  • Spaghetti – Looking for the hands-on peeling version reminiscent of traditional licorice? Look no further than our Spaghetti candies, which come in a traditional strawberry flavor as well as numerous sour combinations, including cotton candy.
  • Twisteez – The new Twisteez product Zweet has introduced is bite-sized licorice ropes that are also loaded with our tasty substance to make snacking easier than ever before.
  • Gummies – Zweet Gummies are another of our most cherished products, and not only do we offer sour and sweet individual candies, but we also offer fun shapes like alligators, blue sharks, hearts, race cars, vampire teeth, zoo animals, and so much more!Β 
  • Cloudz Marshmallows – When branching out to other chewy, soft, and munchable candy, Cloudz Marshmallows were an obvious choice thanks to their light nature and sweet essence. These flavorful cloud-like candies are perfect for hot chocolate or even s'mores.
  • Chewz – Our Bunga Sourz fruit chews are another new product that comes individually wrapped in assorted fruit flavors and provides an even chewier and juicier flavor profile than our standard gummies.

Ordering Information

If you're looking to order any of the candy offered by Zweet through our online shop at Galil, here are a few bits of information regarding the ordering process.


Zweet is excited to bring you packaging we're truly proud of, as most of our candies come in a quality resealable plastic container. These 10 oz. portions also come equipped with a set of tongs, so you don't have to worry about any sticky or sugary substances getting on your fingers. Other products like our Ropes, Marshmallows, and Bunga Sourz come in smaller quantities in compact packaging, making it perfect for enjoying a treat on the go.

Shipping Info

When ordering Zweet candy on Galil, we're happy to offer a few different purchasing options. Of course, you're able to order a single item if you'd like, but who's only buying one candy item online? When you shop with us, you can choose either to order in bulk, which usually comes in quantities of six, or you're able to sign up for a recurring order, and that way, you can keep your cravings in check in your own time frame. Choose an option of up to eight weeks, and you'll be sure to have your Zweet gummies or other favorite item in store whenever you want it.

Return Policy

Galil offers a 30-day return policy on all of our products, which means if you'd like a replacement, you also need to notify us within this time frame. In order to qualify, the product you ordered must be unopened and undamaged, and if you ordered in bulk, the conditions apply to all items in the shipment. To begin the return or exchange process, email us and we will send you a shipping label if approved. You are responsible for the postage and shipping cost of all returns, and this can be deducted from your ultimate refund.

Two to four business days after your package is received, we will inspect the goods. If approved, you can expect to receive your reimbursement through your original payment method, and this can typically take anywhere from five to fourteen days, depending on your bank.

Zweet's History in the Industry

If you're not familiar with Zweet Candy, we've been around for over seven years! Here's just a taste of our backstory, which is only guaranteed to get more delicious as we look forward to the future.

2016 – Sour Belts

Zweet's history began with our dissatisfaction with sour belts available up to 2016, which were nowhere near relatable to the quality we experienced picking from department store candy bins as children. We decided to perfect the snap in the texture, along with the sweet and sour pop that we loved so much as kids, and Zweet Sour Belts were born. We even got the idea to sell tongs with our packaging to replicate the authentic candy-gathering experience.

2018 – Gummies

Zweet gummies were the next obvious choice because, in the world of chewy, fruity, and juicy candies, we hoped to offer the most savory experience. Focusing on the "bounce" in composition, we then decided to offer numerous shapes with assorted flavors to bring out the kid in everyone. From classic worms to watches, frogs, unicorns, and more, there's a fun shape for all to enjoy.

2022 – Beyond

Because our roots started out with the perfection of sour belts, we decided to go the extra mile and offer Zweet Extreme Sour Belts, which provide the extra kick you're expecting and much more. We have even branched into new mediums with our Cloudz Marshmallows and our Bunga Sour Chews. As we set our eyes on more candy innovations in the future, it's only a matter of what Zweet can dream up because with the right sweet tooth, anything is possible.Β 

Shop Zweet candy and other delicious items with Galil today, and contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding any of our products.

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